Customer Journey

Focus On The User & All Else Will Follow

The above statement is one of the ten commandments that we followed at Google. As time passed by, Google’s philosophies became the benchmark to the growing digital world.

In order to focus on the user - what essentially became important was to track their journey. Tracking gives us deeper insights into our customer’s behavior. It provides us with a wealth of information to focus on the user and reach out to her, right?

There are two key things that I want to talk about tracking the user:

Customer Journey is Non-Linear

We often think that the customer journey is the AIDA Model and make our marketing plans accordingly. However, in the complex world when the user is exposed to a blizzard of marketing messages - the journey spans the online-offline world. Customers move from Awareness to Interest to Desire and back to Interest and to Action with many more combinations of this.

It takes time for the user to finally reach the Zero Moment of Truth.

Plan Marketing to be Platform Agnostic

As we focus on the user - we need to forget the platform. This is a natural extension to the first point. Since a customer/user journey is not limited to a particular platform or the interaction world (online or offline); marketing strategy should follow a communication approach and not a platform approach. Right communication moulded for different platforms will produce the magic.

Deliberate on what will appeal to the user and where will automatically get answered.